There is an Opioid Medication
that Actually Works. Lets Use It!


Suboxone A Wonder Drug

There is overwhelming medical and scientific evidence that Suboxone (Buprenorphine), combined with counseling, is the safest and most effective opioid addiction treatment available, and it saves lives. Reduced risk of overdose & relapse allows you to function normally & focus on rebuilding your life.


Treating Dual Diagnosis

Most people with addictions also suffer from psychiatric disorders. Dr. Kittay is a Harvard Trained Psychiatrist who will diagnose and treat any psychiatric problems that may be complicating your opioid addiction. Having an addiction specialist who is also a skilled psychiatrist is a real advantage.


Outpatient Treatment

Office-based Outpatient care means you can get proven, safe and effective addiction care without inpatient detox or residential rehab. You attend scheduled private office medical appointments, counseling sessions and support groups in your community where you work and live.


Sobering Facts

  • Abstinence based 12 Step rehab or rapid detox programs don’t work. The 1 year relapse rate of 90% results in overdose and overdose death
  • Opioid overdose is the leading Cause of Death of Americans Under the age of 50
  • One Floridian dies from an overdose every 3 hours

What is Suboxone?

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Suboxone is the gold standard for opioid addiction treatment. It is the best overall FDA approved medical treatment for opioid addiction. It helps prevent overdose and overdose deaths by preventing opioid induced respiratory failure and cardiac arrest. It controls cravings and withdrawal symptoms and significantly reduces the risk of relapse, HIV and Hepatitis C. Suboxone helps block the “high” associated with pain pills and heroin abuse so your need to use is gone.

Suboxone is effective for people who have tried to quit using drugs and couldn’t, and for those who continue to relapse despite treatment. There is a real risk of overdose and death with each relapse. Clearly ongoing safe & effective Suboxone treatment is better than the “spin cycle” of relapse after relapse.

Suboxone is a powerful treatment for people whose lives are unmanageable. It is easy to say learn to cope, but often triggers and stress are overwhelming and not easy to fix. This a a fact of life, not the result of character flaws. Suboxone is perfect in these situations.

All of this helps patients engage in therapy, counseling and support that result in positive long-term changes in their lives. These changes develop into new healthy patterns of behavior necessary for living addiction-free. Recovery is a process that Suboxone makes possible. Learn more…

Why Choose Dr. Michael J. Kittay?

Dr. Kittay is a Harvard Trained Psychiatrist and Board Certified Addiction Medicine Specialist who practices Addiction Medicine and Psychiatry in South Tampa. He is known and respected for his medical expertise and skill as well as his kind and gentle bedside manner.

Dr Kittay’s “Addiction Rehab without Walls” program is compassionate, nonjudgmental and effective opioid addiction treatment. Learn more…

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